New Look ni Mader Sitang Hinangaan ng Mga Netizens

You have probably heard the name Mader Sitang. If you can't remember where, or in case you haven't heard it yet, well let me remind you who Mader Sitang is.

Mader Sitang is a famous social media influencer from Thailand. And because of her unique appearance, her videos often go viral on social media and her popularity reaches the Philippines. In fact, this famous social media influencer has once visited the country.


Mader Sitang only stayed in the country for a while due to a contract problem. Since this incident, Mader Sitang's popularity in the Philippines has gradually diminished. But recently her name has become famous again.

Mader Sitang undergone a facial enhancement  procedure and the result was really impressive. Many Filipinos were surprised by Mader Sitang's transformation. It is noticeable that the wrinkles on her  face were reduced.

Meanwhile, netizens' opinion about mader Sitang's new look  was divided. Some were happy for Mader Sitang and others did not like what Mader Sitang did to her face. For them, natural beauty is even better than the beauty enhanced by science.

Withour further ado, Here is Mader Sitang's first ever photo shoot after she underwent a facial enhancement procedure.

Before we end this article, I would like to remind everyone my opinion about the most beautiful person. For me, the most beautiful person is the person who have the most beautiful heart.

New Look ni Mader Sitang Hinangaan ng Mga Netizens New Look ni Mader Sitang Hinangaan ng Mga Netizens Reviewed by Boom on July 11, 2021 Rating: 5

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