Who Does It Better Ivana o AJ Raval ? Car Wash Vlog

 Aj Raval's car wash vlog is now trending on social media. Netizens then asked "Who between  Ivana Alawi and AJ Raval does car wash better?" You be the judge. 

When you hear the name Ivana Alawi, the first thing that comes to our mind is the very beautiful, cute and gorgeous celebrity vlogger. And when it comes to famous celebrity vloggers, AJ Raval will definitely belong to the list. Ivana Alawi and AJ Raval are often compared for so many reasons.

One of the most views in Ivana Alawi's channel is her vlog where she became a car wash girl in one day. Many admire this vlog by Ivana. It is said to be fun and relieves stress. In fact, her video has reached 10 million views. Let's watch the video here.

Not long after, the gamer/ actress/ vlogger AJ Raval also created a vlog where she also did a car wash. Currently, it has 600k views and is among the trending videos now on Youtube. Aj Raval admitted that it was his first time doing a car wash. At the end of Aj Raval’s vlog her father came and scolded her for wearing a thin white dress.


Netizens are divided, many said that they prefer Ivana Alawi's video. While others  liked Aj Raval's vlog because AJ is v so natural.

Ivana Alawi and AJ Raval are both famous vloggers, they also have many supporters and subscribers on Youtube. They have similar content, it can be said that the personalities of the two are different. We just support these two great vloggers. More powers to Ivana and AJ vlogs

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