Top 8 Decorating Mistakes by Filipino Homes Everyone is Guilty About

Filipino homes have a distinct interior design which you could definitely describe as a chopsuey of random decors without specific themes. Most older generations didn’ really mind the aesthetics unlike the generation nowadays which adheres to basic interior design principles.

That’s why interior designer and YouTuber Elle Uy talks about the Top 8 most common decorating mistakes committed by almost every Filipino home.

1. Plastic-covered furniture. Because of the expensive value of most furniture in the Philippines, most Filipinos adapted the culture of not removing the plastic coverings of newly-bought furniture sets to preserve its longevity, which unfortunately is an eyesore for anyone who would see it. Aside from that, it’s simply uncomfortable to sit or lie on. Also, stickers that cover the surfaces of appliances usually remain there for many years for the fear of losing its warranty if it is removed. 

2. Using glossy paint for walls. A crime committed to paint walls with glossy finish. Not only does it highlight the ugly, uneven surfaces of the wall, it also provides an unimpressive sight to look at. Elle Uy suggested that if one would like a bit of shine on the wall, it is better to opt for a satin finish as using a matte finish can often encounter problems when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.

3. Not considering mood lightings. Good lightings is a huge contributor to the beautification of a house. Unfortunately, many Filipino homes ignore the fact of its importance and just hang a simple light bulb and it’s done. Good lightings setup the mood and ambiance of the interior, and it gives the house a more interesting and cozy feeling to it.

4. Making everything too “matchy-matchy”. Matching everything up on a household décor has been a staple for most Filipino homes. Unfortunately, it doesn’t give an interesting twist to your interior design and often gives off a dull, boring atmosphere in the house. Matching furniture isn’t all bad, but matching it too much can often lead to interior design errors.

5. Hanging art too high. Paintings and wall decors create an interesting fill on empty spaces on the walls. However, most Filipino homes hung their wall decors too high which given an unimpressive illusion no matter how good it looks. Balance and placement is important and avoid hanging it too high.

6. Wrong curtain installation. Curtains create an illusion of high ceilings and spacious areas, that’s why properly installing them on the wall is very important. A common mistake is that curtains are placed too near the window border which should definitely be avoided. Hang the curtain a few inches higher than the border of your windows to create an illusion of higher ceiling.

7. Hoarding. Filipino homes are often filled with clutter that collected dust for many years. People often resort to hoarding and not frequently decluttering their homes which leads to a cluttered, suffocating space rather than a refreshing ambiance for the home.

Top 8 Decorating Mistakes by Filipino Homes Everyone is Guilty About Top 8 Decorating Mistakes by Filipino Homes Everyone is Guilty About Reviewed by ef-ef on February 25, 2021 Rating: 5

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