Kiray Celis Surprises Her Parents with a Money Bouquet for Valentine’s Day

Pinay actress Kiray Celis is viral right now this Valentine’s Day after she shared photos of her parents with big smiles on their lips as their daughter gave them a very special present this heart’s day.

Just like any other children, Kiray only wanted to give her parents the best and finest she could provide now that she has a well-established career in the showbiz industry and as a sign of gratitude for the endless support she received from them.


That’s why this Valentine’s Day, Kiray decided to go all in and offer a very nice gift for her parents. She surprised them with two large bouquet of money! Instead of opting for the traditional flowers, Kiray had two bouquets customized that contained a number of 100-peso bills.

Many netizens reacted to Kiray’s post and mentioned that the actress served a good role model for grateful children towards their parents. Many were also impressed at Kiray’s tenderness towards her parents despite having fame and popularity on her hands already. The actress remained humbled and kind towards her parents and wished nothing but to provide the best for them. Kiray also posted on her Instagram post, and even captioned the photo of her parents:


“Happy happy Valentine’s Day, Mama and Papa. Hindi man ako perpektong anak, pero ibibigay ko lahat ng kaya ko guminhawa lang ang buhay niyo. Salamat sa walang sawang suporta, pagmamahal, at pag-intindi sa akin. Mahal na mahal ko kayo. Next time, tig-1k na yan lahat. Pagpasensyahan nyo na? Yan lang nakayanan ko.”

Many are simply impressed on Kiray’s gesture and hoped that all children would be grateful towards the parents the same way the actress does. It’s not always about money, but it is great as well that we should be able to express our love towards them. If it weren’t for them after all, we would cease to exist in this world.

And of course, it would be really nice to take the time to show your affection for your loved ones. Valentine’s after all, is not about dating, but expressing love, care, and kindness to the people very close to your heart.

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