JaMill Opens Up Plans on Getting Married

YouTube sensation Jayzam Manabat and Camille Trinidad, or more commonly known by their fans as JaMill, sat down to talk on Toni Talks with ABS-CBN premiered host Toni Gonzaga. The YouTube couple opened up about their relationship and their plans in life now that they are equally successful internet celebrities and content creators for YouTube.

Toni Gonzaga prepared questions to JaMill to get to know more about the power-duo and their plans for their future together.

As we all know, Jayzam and Camille met each other through the internet as well. Jayzam talks about how he had a huge crush on Camille and courted her through calls, chat, and text messages as the two never met each other in person yet. After months of courtship, Camille gave her ‘yes’ to Jayzam and the two dated each other on a long-distance relationship given that Jayzam lives on Cavite while Camille is on Nueva Ecija.

A year later, the couple met on an event that gathered content creators together. Since then, the two decided to live together on Camille’s place with Jayzam moving over. When their internet career and YouTube channel boomed with more than a thousand subscribers, the couple decided to live together and build their dream home through their earnings on their channel. Flash forward, JaMill is now living together for 3 years which impressed Toni given that she was only allowed to leave her own house after getting married with her husband now, Paul Soriano.

JaMill was also asked if they ever think about breaking up in the future. The couple answered that they now see each other in the future together and with no one else. They built their dreams together, owned their properties together and continue to support each other in every way.

They also revealed their plans for the future of getting married and having children together. They mentioned that they wanted to have a big family but first of all, they wanted to have a stable life first with a roof on top of their heads and in a way, secure the future of their children as well when the time comes and it’s ready to finally settle down with their family.

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