Dimples Romana Has a Heart-To-Heart Talk with Julia Montes on Recent Vlog

Mara Clara is one of the most iconic TV series in the Philippines, especially the original one which lasted for about 10 years and produced a movie that features the continuation of the plot. The rendition of the classic TV series featured new stars and fresh faces which became the platform of Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes’ career in the showbiz industry.

Kathryn Bernardo portrayed the role of Mara, and Julia Montes played Clara. The two characters are girls of the same age who happens to grow up into completely different lifestyle and social status which later on, they learned that they were two kids who got separated at birth due to a string of vengeful cycles that birthed from their past.

Dimples Romana, the actress who portrayed the role of Alvira, the mother of Clara played by Julia Montes. Apparently, the two actresses formed a bond onset that stretched up to outside the franchise. Dimples and Julia became good friends since then and recently, Julia was featured on a vlog on Dimples’ YouTube channel.

On a muhkbang episode on the Dimples Romana Official channel, the two opened up about their life stories and experiences working in the showbiz industry. Julia, whose real name was Mara Schnitkka, had to take up her screen name solely because of her role in the Mara Clara series. According to her, the managers decided that she adapt the name “Julia” instead of “Mara” to avoid confusion on their characters.

Dimples also asked what she learned after having to work at such a young age. Julia started out her career as a child star and was featured on the hit gag TV show for children, Goin’ Bulilit. At a young age, Julia became the breadwinner of the family and mentioned that she learned the value of hard-earned money and how to properly spend it without having to go on an expensive lifestyle.

The episode became a great girl talk between the two actresses and many of their fans loved them even more for the rawness of the vlog. Fans get to know Dimples and Julia on a more personal level and many of us could definitely relate on the experiences that they have gone through before being successful celebrities on their namesake.

Dimples Romana Has a Heart-To-Heart Talk with Julia Montes on Recent Vlog Dimples Romana Has a Heart-To-Heart Talk with Julia Montes on Recent Vlog Reviewed by ef-ef on February 25, 2021 Rating: 5

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