Decorating 101: Interior Designer Gives Tips on Designing Your Dream House

Designing your dream house really is a dream come true, and of course, you wouldn’t want to just throw things around in your house which could lead to frustration and mental clutter literally and figuratively. That’s why Elle Uy talks on her vlog and shares her tips and process of designing the house of your dreams.

1. Determine the layout or floorplan of your space. This will serve as your blueprint and plan of action before jumping in to buying furniture and decors for your house. Afterwards, do an ocular of the space to determine the sizes of furniture that would best fit your space. Plan your space based on your lifestyle and everyday needs.

2. Design process. This is the most fun but the trickiest of all. The tip is to find an inspiration by searching your ideal home design and get to know your chosen design style. Pinterest is a site that contains hundreds of ideas and inspirations for interior design and styles. Choosing your top 5 among the many choices would determine the style that you’d like to have on your interior and it would definitely aid you into buying the correct materials and furniture that fits your chosen aesthetics.

3. Create a moodboard. Moodboards are important in determining what specific furniture style would fit your interior design aesthetics. This would also help you determine which goes well with which as it would give you a somehow clear picture of the design you’d want.

4. Combine the elements. Having a moodboard and a concrete floorplan of the space would maximize your budget for shopping for furniture and décor. This is crucial decision-making as this would aid you on avoiding unnecessary purchase and guide you on avoiding a costly mistake.

Elle Uy also clarified that having a concrete plan according to your moodboard must come along with appropriate measurements to ensure good fit on the overall interior design. Just like shopping for shoes, purchase only what fits your aesthetics. Ending up on buying decors or furniture that will end up as a misfit is a costly error which should be avoided and taken into consideration when planning out your dream house.

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