Is it Good or Bad to Take a Bath at Night?

Filipinos are known for being “clean” and has an obsession with constantly taking a bath and keeping their hygiene on topnotch quality. Given that the Philippines is a tropical country, it is normal to feel humid regardless if during the day or night, that’s why many Filipinos would take a bath at noontime and then bathe again during nighttime.

However, many have mixed reactions regarding bathing at night as there are many old beliefs and superstitions that circle around taking a bath during the night.

Dr. Willie Ong, a popular health expert and physician on YouTube, dismissed popular beliefs about nighttime-bath time, and provided clarifications about it.

According to him, taking a bath at night has a lot of positive benefits in the body. Also, he mentioned that all his life, he takes a bath at night and so far, there has been no negative implications.

Taking a bath at night is also encouraged by Dr. Willie Ong as it induces a goodnight’s sleep. He suggested that bathing in warm water will help clear off nasal congestions through steam inhalation, and will also help relax the muscles after a long day at work.

He also added that taking your time to take a bath at night will help refresh the feeling and put one person in a good mood. Aside from looking after good hygiene, it also promotes the release of happy hormones when the body is refreshed.

It also has positive reactions on skin as after being exposed on a long day of sweating and dust collection, taking a bath at the end of the day would definitely promote good skin as it would reduce the chances of accumulating dust on your facial pores which would later on result to acne breakouts.

Dr. Willie Ong also clarified that taking a bath at night has no direct correlation with being anemic or going insane contrary to the popular belief of others.

He also encouraged that there are more studies that show positive effects of taking a bath at night more than negative implications and overall welfare of the body.

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