7 Interior Design Rules Every Homeowner Must Know

Designing the interior of your house may sound exciting, but at the same time, it can overwhelm you or sometimes intimidate you given that a change of style on the interior can be costly and might not work with the budget. Actually, you wouldn’t have to buy new decors or furniture in your house. Just follow this two simple steps:

1. Rearrange your furniture. Sometimes, all you need is a change of perspective. Rearranging already-existing furniture in your house can make a huge difference in the interior design.

2. Repaint. Repainting the walls definitely makes a huge difference especially ones that will fit the aesthetics of your choice.

However, living on an unfurnished house with nothing to start with but an empty canvass, these rules will definitely help you and most homeowners should know about:

1. Follow the 3/3 vertical rule. This concept came from Mark McCauley, a designer, which brought forth stripping down nature to colors. This follows the pantones of the interior from lightest for the ceiling, medium tones for walls which represents bodies of water, and dark colors which is similar to the colors of the earth.

2. Know the 60-30-10 rule. This rule is all about creating the perfect color palette for your space. This applies to choosing 60% of the main color which mainly consists your walls, rugs, and sofas. 30% of the secondary color which includes window treatments, accent chairs, beddings, furniture, and accent wall. The remaining 10% is for the accent color which should be about your decors, artworks, and throw pillows.

3. The rule of odds. This rule is about arranging or grouping items in odd numbers. This applies to decors, accessories, and mostly displays on shelves or countertops.

4. Height variation. Never put two items of the same height next to each other.

5. Use height risers. This is applicable if the height difference is too far from each other. Books stacked on each other, display plates, and others often make good height risers which creates an interesting visual effect.

6. The Triangle Method. This is about dispersing similar elements or décor typically on a bookcase or display cabinet. This creates balance on space which is pleasing to the eye.

7. Flow is the way to go. Go where the design feels right. Having furniture or décor that doesn’t match with the rest of the theme often is an eyesore or mismatch to the theme which makes it stand out on the worst possible way.

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