20 Smart Ideas to Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger

Common interior design mistakes lead to a cluttered, seemingly small bedroom or space which makes us extremely uncomfortable and irritated whenever we go there. But don’t fret as here we have 20 smart ideas for you to make a small bedroom appear bigger.

1. Do not paint your walls with dark colors. Dark colors create an illusion of a small space. Opt for lighter and brighter colors to make the light enter the room better and in a more pleasant way.

2. Get rid of everything you don’t need anymore. Decluttering is essential as clutter consumes space on your bedroom which could have been more of things that are important and necessary. If it takes up space and increases the time you spend on cleaning it up, then it has to go.

3. Hang a wall art. Having a decoration, at least one, would increase the point of interest for your room and make an illusion of a bigger wall space. Take note that you must declutter first before hanging a wall art or else, it would just be another ugly-looking clutter in your room.

4. Go for a low-heighted furniture. This would give your room an illusion of having higher ceiling space and wider wall space. Stay away from tables that are too tall for your small bedroom.

5. Choose a decent table lamp over floor lamps. This would save up floor space for you.

6. Give transparent acrylic shelves a go. Although it would take up space, it would give an illusion of wider areas and floor space.

7. Remove your headboard and replace them with overhead shelves instead. This would maximize your wall space minus the unnecessary headboard that came with your bed which is utterly useless.

8. Mirrors are essential. These creates an illusion of space especially big ones. Hang mirrors instead of photo frames.

9. Opt for a compact or foldable furniture such as chairs, table, bed, or couch.

10. Curtains and drapes should be paid attention to as well. Shorter drapes create bigger illusions for small spaces.

11. Keep it minimal and avoid decorations that make you feel suffocated. Keep it light and simple. Less is more.

12. Hanging drapes that are longer creates an illusion of a bigger window and a bigger space.

13. Bedsheets should have lighter and brighter colors.

14. Consider your space or bedroom as a drawing on paper where you have limited space to add decors or furniture in.

15. Organization is important to keep a bedroom nice-looking. Make your bed, clean up clutter and organize them on their respective storage spaces.

16. Give your room a sense of unity so that the theme falls right into their places.

17. Lighter paint on the wall trim would allow light to enter the room better from the windows which provides an illusion of bigger space.

18. The colors of your wall must have a connection with the colors you chose for your rug and furniture to have a sense of harmony and unity. Visual coherence should be mastered.

19. Transparent furniture tricks the brain into thinking of wider spaces as it allows the eye to keep moving.

20. Avoid buying furniture that is too big. Make sure to buy a sofa as well that has legs. Making proper use of space gives more space and illusion of wider floor area.

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